Ente Review was started by a young boy from Kerala.The boy was so passionate about blogging and he is an expert in delivering quality contents to the customer.

The story of Ente Review was based on a true event.The boy completed his Plus two(pre degree) and he was in search of the best college for his UG but he couldn’t find one.So he started googling and googling and after a month of searching he found out a good college.After few months of his college life, he was in search of a good bike and he again googled and after a month of searching he found out a good bike.

Even though he found out the answers, he was not satisfied with it, since it took nearly a month for a decision , so he laid the foundation for Ente Review.

He started his own reviewing site and he started creating unbiased reviews on everything in Kerala

Ente Review is a review site focusing on reviewing products, shops, malls, institutions etc.Ente Review will try to provide the consumers with the best relevant and impartial reviews on everything you need.Ente Review also provides an opportunity for the customers to use and submit reviews on the site.

Ente Review will try to provide the best information about the reviewing product.Customers can contact the admin on [email protected]

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